JNDI and the Tomcat Deployer

Tomcat’s Deployer can be a blessing and/or a curse. The documtation is lacking and some configurations don’t play nice with WAR files that are installed or deployed with the deployer tasks.

The particular issue I’m addressing here is the use of JNDI resources. If you expect to have environment-agnositc JNDI resources in a context fragment and still use the deployer, you are out of luck. But there is a solution.
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Kick FireFox Up a Notch

Brian Livingston has published a great article on WindowsSecrets.com outlining some really great tweaks to the already joyous FireFox browser.

My biggest gripe about the product has been the long (relative to IE) load times. I incorrectly attributed this to the fact that IE is part and parcel of Windows. This may be part of the reason IE loads super quick, but another reason is that it is prefetched. Turns out you can set any program to prefetch, including FireFox. For me, it made a noticeable difference. Thanks, Brian!