Oh, the Hypocrisy

In yesterday’s White House press briefing, spokesman Tony Snow had this to say regarding the President’s position on embryonic stem cell research, specifically regarding the fact that these are embryos which are going to be discarded anyhow:

“…the President is not going to get on the slippery slope of taking something that is living and making it dead for the purpose of research.”

No, no, that would be a tragedy. But taking living things and making them dead in the name of world politics is a completely noble cause. Jackass.

CSS Layout Gala

This is just too freakin sweet not to pass along. I’m not a regular del.icio.us user, but I happend to stop by today only to be greeted with this gem:

Layout Gala

I had to give this treasure its own line because it embodies everything that is good and right in the field of web design. Pure, compatible, solid layouts that don’t rely on hacks. They’re all there, kids. Two-column, three-column, liquid, static — many even support any-order columns. Squirt.

Ft. Lauderdale Stiffs ‘Bodies’

Good thing my wife and I were able to catch Bodies, the Exhibition in Manhattan last month, because it isn’t coming to War Memorial Auditorium any time soon. In a blunt move sure to rescue innocent children from actual education, the city commission blocked the show from using the facility. Mayor Jim Naugle had this to say:

“It makes me think about what happened during the Holocaust,” Naugle said at a Thursday conference meeting. “These are the bodies of oppressed people.”

Really? What does the Fort Lauderdale Gun & Knife Show make you think of? Lollipops and teddy bears? The mayor doesn’t seem to have a problem with the display and free sale of thousands of deadly weapons inside the venue. To be clear, my dissatisfaction about gun shows in general is one of inconsistency, not philosophy.

So let’s hope another venue picks up the show, because it is by far the most informative display of human anatomy one can experience without going to medical school.

I’m a Hot Toe Picker

My wife and I came across the strangest billboards in Chicago this past weekend. The oddest of the bunch is shown here; others say “I Pooted” or “Yes”. Clearly we had no idea what this was about, but a little Googling reveals what I think is a new breed of viral marketing. I won’t ruin it for you, but check it out:


Accessing a JBoss EJB3 Session Bean With Spring

Spring and Hibernate have long been my choice of frameworks with which to construct maintainable, scalable middle-tier software. Spring promotes good OO design using loose coupling and provides excellent declarative transaction support. Hibernate is the persistence tool of choice for the open source community. Any sane person who programs this way will have given up on EJB long ago. Coarse-grained entities, tightly coupled service objects and XML deployment descripters a-plenty are enough to bring a guy to his knees.

But no more. The EJB expert group, now composed of some of the very creators of modern persistence framework, has bequeathed upon us something wonderful. The lightweight POJO programming model we have come to love is apparent everywhere in the EJB 3.0 specifiction (JSR-220), which was unanimously accepted by the JCP earlier this year. EJB 3.0 is just one goodie in the larger Java EE 5 (JSR-244) bag – but this post is going to be long enough as it is. Continue reading