A New Friend

Guinness Puppy

Marissa decided the house was way too quiet without our furry friend around. Even the cats were looking at each other, waiting for someone to challenge their reign of the house! That’s when we found our new friend in the online classifieds. A family in Port Charlotte, FL (about 2.5 hours drive) had been surprised with a litter of nine purebred rottie puppies! They had only one left — the one they’d considered keeping as their own.

We drove that day to look at the little guy and fell in love. He’s just over eight weeks old and his name is Guinness.

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Goodbye to a Friend

Bodizafa Chewbacca Rottweiler

Last week our 9-year-old rottweiler Bodi was diagnosed with cancer. He had two large tumors and we were forced to make the choice that no pet owner ever wants to make. Bodi did not come home with us.

Bodi was at Marissa’s side almost every waking moment from the day he came home with her in college. He protected the house, his owners and his dog pals. He always knew what was going on and would not tolerate violence. He’d step in to break up a fight regardless of whether it was human or canine.

We will miss him dearly.