I’m typing this post from the Gnome blog post client installed on my laptop which is now running Ubuntu Linux. I took the plunge a few days ago after getting the itch to try an alternative OS. I knew that if I did a dual-boot, I’d bail out and revert to Windows in a few days. So, I blew away the entire disk and let Ubuntu 6.10 have its way.

So far I’m pretty pleased. The out-of-the box suite of applications is more than adequite for the average user, and it’s Linux, so the power user will never be left wanting. The only stumbling I’ve done is on multimedia codecs. So far I have yet to get anything resembling Internet-type audio/video to play, but I’m not sure I’ve done everything right. Flash 9 beta is installed so all my favorite rich-clienty sites work well (Google Finance, YouTube, etc). No MP3 or AVI joy yet though.

I’ll wrap this up and hope it posts, with the thought that I’ll do a more in-depth review soon.