Cynicism 2012

Surprising many and relieving others, Barack Obama won a second term last night in a pretty big way. This is my ants-at-a-picnic view of the situation.

Things will continue to get better, little by little, as they always do, even as politicians try as they may to break them more. More people will find jobs because this is what we do: we work hard and provide for ourselves and our families (most of us).

The financial situation will get better because there is no choice in the matter. But one thing is for certain: no matter how measurably better things are, republicans will surely disapprove and continue to obstruct and bash the president at every turn. The media will stoke the fires of resentment and disagreement because we buy it up with our precious attention. Because this is what we do: we tear down those with whom we disagree without understanding.

Obama will continue to wage quiet warfare in who-knows-how many countries, killing who-knows-how many brown people whose families will vow to destroy us. He will continue to erode our civil liberties further and further whether it be wiretapping, spying, detention or assassination. And his supporters will be silent, even though these actions are in stark contrast to their supposed ethos. Because this is what we do: we unconditionally support the person who lives in a shell of that with which we want to identify.

And the rest of us will sit in waiting until one day when we might possibly have a way to express our disgust at all of it.