Presentation Notes: TriJUG April 18, 2011

Presentation outline and notes/references for my  Traiangle Java User’s Group presentation given on April 18, 2011.  The slides used during the presentation are merely an instrument for me as the presenter; they aren’t available for download.  Below is the rough outline I (kinda) followed and at the bottom are references and helpful links.  Feel free to leave any and all candid feedback in the comments.  Thanks for attending! Continue reading

The Value of Content

Content owners have interesting views about what adds value to their product.  Last September NBC  Universal’s Jeff Zucker expressed his disapproval for Apple’s 99-cent price point for TV show rentals (via Reuters).

We do not think 99 cents is the right price point for our content. … We thought it would devalue our content.

His disapproval of the price is understandable — content owners can charge whatever the market will bear.  It’s the wording that caught my attention.

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Thoughts on the Financial Crisis

Since the financial crisis and resulting hysteria have transpired, I’ve been attempting to wrap my head around what happened — in relatively simple terms — and what we can do (or not do) to avoid something like this in the future.  While the financial instruments Wall Street employed in the recent decade were far from simple, I remain hopeful that there are more basic forces at work and thus solutions that don’t involve thousands of pages of legislation, bailouts and government control. Continue reading

Apple Aperture: No Regrets

About two years ago I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel XTi in anticipation of the arrival of our new baby girl. Until that time, I had been using Google’s Picasa (then at version 2) along with the Canon subcompact du jour. I was pretty happy with the usefulness of this combination. Picasa is simple, extremely fast and doesn’t obfuscate the underlying photos in any sort of database or binary file.

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Is Bristol Palin a Pinhead too?

Bill O’Reilly is no friend of permissive culture. He’s got no use for the drugs, the loose morals, the abortions or the media that glorified it. On Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy, he had this to say:

Now most teens are pinheads in some ways. But here the blame falls primarily on the parents of the girl, who obviously have little control over her or even over Britney Spears. Look at the way she behaves. Continue reading

Bold Move, AirTran

Last week I had what might be the strangest air travel experience I’ve ever had. I was flying from Raleigh to Ft. Lauderdale via Atlanta. Before the gate agent in Raleigh opened boarding for the flight, she found out that our plane was called in for maintenance. It wasn’t fifteen minutes before she changed our gate to the next one over and told us we’d be on a different plane. No problem, we thought.
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