This One’s for Andrew

No sooner had I written about a presentation that’s been making the rounds and how it might affect our teams at Red Hat, I find this piece on DZone. Super relevant, especially since we often occasionally use the scrum-of-scrums practice.

From the slides:

Make communication across context boundaries explicit. Use integrating teams to agree how to handle the interface and integration between systems. Integrating teams should also agree on and write acceptance tests that confirm integration across boundaries. (Emphasis mine)

Agile Project/Issue Management

The dev shop I manage really has no choice but to be agile.  With lightning-fast changes in priorities, there’s no room for wholesale planning beyong a couple weeks out.  What’s missing, however, are the tools to make this all work.

Sure we do the best we can with JIRA (a fantastic traditional bug tracker) and MS Project (a not-so-fantastic project management tool), but there doesn’t seem to be a good selection of tools to mimick an agile team.

I want creamy visual objects that represent features which can be moved between developers.  I want a view of each developer’s workload for the next week, month and year.  I want to know in 10sec what’s going out when, and which tasks are the limiting factor.

The closest thing I’ve found is VersionOne, and I haven’t had a chance to fully evaluate it yet.  If anyone has any clues, I’m all ears.